Keeps going to present day

Anonymous shared this idea 5 months ago

The game keeps going BACK to the current day EVERY day. I playing back to the older days .BUT when i come

back the NEXT day, I have to start ALL OVER again.

WHY ? It started this. A couple of weeks ago.

How about some help here ???

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A new level is released each day, every day, so it jumps back to that, as it's the latest level you have not completed.

We know it's confusing and are looking at ways to better communicate it :)


I'm with you on this. MY dates do the SAME thing. EVERY day for the last 3-4 weeks I've been putting up with this

. Getting OLD very fast. So please FIX IT ALREADY !


Which day are you stuck on?


This game doesn't work anymore. it keeps bringing you to the present day even after you close it and come back to it. I have been playing the same 2 months for 4 different times, it will not let me move backward into other months like it's supposed to. I start in march of this year and start heading backwards and when I leave the game, instead of returning where i left off, like it's supposed to do, I am right back to March and having to go through each day that I previously after day. I've had this game a few years. You need to fix it or you'll lose a bunch of players, cause i know I'm not the only one with this complaint.


This is a known bug we are working on solving, stay tuned!