Am I that repugnant?

Walter Wilson shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

I've asked time and time again to have my old scores show, and you do for a very limited time, but the always fade. I you really want to be that selective, just come out and say so. Hinting doesn't become you.

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I don't understand the question? Do you loose your scores when you play? If so where do you play and in what browser?


I use (as always unless you are new) Firefox. In windows 10, on a standard DELL machine. My scores come forward for a while, then fade, never to return until after I bang 2-3 times. Since it happens over and over, I get (sometimes) I'm not welcome or something. I get salty when I have to answer the same questions over and over for the same problem. Tiresome, no? Well, what else do you need besides a million dollars and a get away car?


You are likely clearing your website data / cookies / use a privacy tool.

As you are not playing on Facebook or some other place where scores are saved in a more permanent user connected data storage the only thing we have is cookies.

- Chris


I don't understand. You fix the problem so that my old scores show when I begin a new game, I compliment you for doing so despite me being rude, then the VERY NEXT time I play, it's broken again. Damn!