Slash crash

Karl D shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration


I had a problem with Slash. It stopped sending objets to slice for a long moment.

As I was clicking to send feedback, I apparently lost...

I have some slower moments too, I don't know if it's normal.

I play on firefox 53.0.2 (32-bit).


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Yes, it's annoying that you sit and do nothing for sometimes over two minutes before an object comes up. I timed it several times, 30 seconds or more, over a minute a few times, and two minutes plus once. If an object doesn't come up after about 30 seconds I just start a new game, as I imagine most people would. Seems to do it mostly if you go over 100 points. I suppose it's fine if you're the kind of person that is entertained by watching grass grow, or paint dry. Not so sure there are many people like that who would play a game like this one though.

I'm sure this game is still improving and a new version will not have this.