Scoring changes?

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It seems that now, when you clear just a single line of bricks, you get the same amount of points as you do for simply placing a brick? Not sure if this is intentional, I don't like it very much if it is, but that's ok. Great game overall though! And I'm pleased you all have been so good about responding to complaints.

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So sorry about that, we are aware of the bug and have submitted new updates to all platforms. If you are playing on iOS the update should be out in a few days. If playing anywhere else it should already be live.

Remember you can always play the latest version on

- Chris


I LOVE this game and to begin with - it was addictive - couldn't keep off it. When I finally achieved a 'high to me' score (I'm old) I was chuffed to bits. However, I have since played it many, many times and can't even get close to my original high score and hand on heart - it's now becoming boring to play. Racking up a high score is a very pleasing achievement - but to have to reach that score again - before you can even begin to better yourself, is - for me - an obstacle too far. I think I'll stick to games with ongoing score totals.


Quite interesting this is an effect a lot of people describe experiencing. The truth is that we have not changed the game to be harder, but rather that players change how they play the game as they play more.

Try these following simple rules to get your score up in into the high numbers again.

  1. Always make sure that you are able to move two of the pieces from the row to the board
  2. Focus in making many 1-2 lines rather than fewer 3+ lines
  3. Try to keep the board as empty as possible.