Long Load Times, Lag And App Crashes

Matthew C Gill shared this problem 3 years ago

Loved the Chrome version, so I got the Android version for my tablet only to discover I cannot expect the same experience. The game takes several minutes if it will load at all. When it does, it has a major delay when you try to move a piece, freezes randomly and will more often than not outright crash. Hex FRVR is a simple and fun enough title to appeal as a time filler, however with all these issues it makes its viability for playing away from the pc non-existant.

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Hi Matthew,

What device are you trying to play the game on?

(The specific device id + operative version would be very helpfull)

- Chris


It is a Nook Color running Android version 4.3.1, or more specifically CyanogenMod 10.2.1-encore.


Oki, I will have to go get myself a Nook to test with. However it sounds like the device might not be WebGL capable which could result in some quite bad experience.

Can you try http://hex.frvr.com in the devices browser to see how it runs?


I have tried your suggestion in the browser window instead of just using the android app on my tablet. What I am getting is an incredibly erratic experience. The pieces and opening introduction bubble will only flash on the screen in a random pattern before disappearing. The only consistency is the white rectangle for the text/tooltip stays in place. My own programming experience is limited to primarily visual basic.net but I am curious as to if this a coding issue regarding resources or some kind of unforeseen loop. Eventually Google Play services crashes out, once it does everything starts to look like it stabilizes only to go blank again. Something about this app just seems to be crashing the entire tablet out. Everything met the requirements when I installed it but I do not recall any listed hardware specifics, could you illuminate me? Perhaps a hardware issue is at fault. This bug has me curious...


The game is actually a HTML5 game wrapped in a application wrapper the mobile versions. Sounds like your device technically fits the specifications, but failed when actually run on the hardware.

I am working on a better model for publishing to mobile so it's likely to go away in the future.


i am having app crashes as well


I have the same problem in an ipad air ios 9 and ios 10


hex freezes on my iphone and requires reboot