Frequency of the single hex

Ryan Takker shared this idea 4 years ago

Currently, it seems that the frequency of each configuration (all rotations included as a single config) appear in the same frequency. However, the single dot, lacking any (meaningful) rotation, ends up appearing very often.

The issue is that the single dot is, while helpful, quite dull to play, especially when your full option queue is all the same exact config.

I would personally find playing more enjoyable (and more difficult) if the dot appeared with a much lesser frequency to the others (in addition to speeding up the game significantly).

Comments (2)


You will love the next version of the game. It's setup to become slightly harder the higher the score you have. Adjusting the statistical change of the single dot is a huge part of that equation.


After quite a lot of play testing, I decided I like the way the 1 tile is selected. If you download the latest version you will notice it's frequency decrease slightly over 50k points.